Turquoise Card

Which foreigners in Turkey can get the right to receive turquoise Cards?

Foreigners who are evaluated as highly qualified labor force due to their level of education, salary, professional knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology and similar qualifications may be eligible to receive turquoise card in Turkey.
Foreign persons who are evaluated as highly qualified investors in terms of their investment or export level, the size of the employment they will provide, their contribution to scientific and technological development and who has similar characteristics may be granted a Turkish turquoise card.
A Turkısh turquoise card can be issued to scientists or researchers who contribute to scientific and technological development or conduct studies and research in the fields of science, industry and technology that are considered strategic for the interests of the country at the international level.
A Turkish turquoise card can be issued to people who are successful at the international level in terms of cultural, artistic or sporting activities.
A Turkish turquoise card can be issued to foreigners who contribute to the international recognition or promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture and work at an international level on issues related to Turkey’s national interests.

Foreigners who are evaluated by the relevant ministry to be included in one of these five classes may be eligible to receive the Turkish turquoise card.

How to apply for a turquoise card and where to apply?

Turquoise card application is made directly through the system in the country, through the Turkish foreign representative office in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or is legally located abroad.
System is : “Ministry Foreign application, evaluation and Monitoring System”of the Ministry of labour and Social Security.
In applications made from abroad, the necessary information and documents must be transmitted to the Ministry electronically by the Turkish foreign representative office.
A foreigner who is legally in Turkey can apply directly through the system with a foreign identification number from within the country.
An application for a turquoise card can also be made by an authorized brokerage firm or lawyer on behalf of a foreigner from Turkey and abroad.
During the application for the turquoise card, the application is completed by entering into the system the information and documents determined by the General Directorate for the foreigner.
General Directorate is, “Director General Of The International Workforce”

What documents should be submitted when applying for a turquoise card?

a) application petition,b) foreign passport or copy of the document replacing the passport,
c ) Certificate of conformity, if any, obtained from the relevant public institution and organization,
In addition;
1-) Foreigners who are considered as qualified labor force must submit a diploma, employment contract, Resume, Appointment or assignment letter, professional experience, internationally accepted documents showing foreign languages known other than their native language, and similar documents to get right for receiving turquoise card.
2-)For a foreigner who is evaluated as a qualified investor, he must submit documents showing the size of the investment, level of employment, amount of exports, Financial Competence, region of activity, sector and business, as well as similar documents to receive a turquoise card.
3-)For a scientist or researcher, must present a diploma, a document that indicates academic career and title, academic studies or licenses, trademark or patent documents, as well as similar documents to receive a turquoise card.
4-)For a foreigner who has been successful at the national or international level in terms of cultural, artistic or sporting activities, he must submit documents that indicate that he is successful in order to receive a turquoise card.

For what reasons is the application for a turquoise card rejected?

Does not meet the evaluation criteria set by the ministry,
Not in line with international labour policy,
Applications with false or misleading information and documents
His justification for foreign employment is not considered sufficient
Public order, public safety or public health in terms of foreigners who are inconvenienced to work in Turkey,
For citizens of a country that the Republic of Turkey does not recognize or has no diplomatic relations with, except if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the appropriate opinion,

What are the rights and obligations of Turquoise card holder foreigner?

The Turkuaz card holder benefits from the rights granted by the indefinite work permit.
They are exempt from the obligation to do military service in Turkey.
He cannot exercise his right to choose and be elected. They also cannot exercise their right to hold public office.
The operations of these persons on issues such as residence, travel, work, investment, commercial activities, inheritance, acquisition of movable and immovable property in Turkey are carried out in accordance with the legislation applied to Turkish citizens.

In this article, we briefly expressed the process of obtaining a turquoise card.
Every step must be in accordance with the law when applying, preparing an application petition, preparing the necessary documents, and corresponding with the relevant institutions. For this reason, it will be the healthiest way to manage the process with a foreign law lawyer.
Our international law office operating in Alanya/Antalya/Turkey provides legal advice and legal services on this issue.