Turkish Criminal Lawyer

Turkish Criminal Lawyer

What Does A Turkish Criminal Lawyer Do?

Turkey’s criminal lawyer deals with the most sensitive problems of society both in terms of human freedom and in terms of the rights of the victim.In fact, as every lawyer does, the Turkish criminal lawyer tries to perform the defense function.A criminal lawyer performs a function in an area that directly concerns the freedom of the person.
In particular, a lawyer who defends a suspect or defendant in criminal proceedings, protects their rights and represents them in court proceedings is called a criminal lawyer of Turkey.

Can Turkish Criminal Lawyers make statements instead of the accused at the trial?

The lawyer is the only legal representative of the accused.He defends his client before the court only on the legal dimension of the defense.A Turkish criminal lawyer cannot replace the person he is defending and explain the incident. The accused person will explain his knowledge and manners in court.Criminal procedure is the activity of reviving an event that has occurred through evidence in court.Only people who are part of this event can know how an event that happened naturally.Turkish Criminal Lawyers can present evidence representing the accused, evaluate the presented evidence, and make the necessary objections.

How Many People Can A Turkish Criminal Lawyer Defend In The Same Case?

A Turkish criminal lawyer can defend more than one person in the same case. The number of people he defends doesn’t matter.He can also defend hundreds of people at once. It is important that there should be no conflict of interest between the people he defends.In other words, if a lawyer’s defense against a person can damage the defense rights of the other person he is defending or prevent him from better defending them, it is considered a conflict of interest between the two clients.In cases where there is a conflict of interest, the lawyer must choose to defend one of his two clients.

When Does The Duty Of A Turkish Criminal Lawyer In A Criminal Case End?

The task of the Turkish criminal lawyer ends with the conclusion of the case. He has to follow suit until the decision is final.After the decision is made in the Local Court, the Supreme Court phase will begin. As a rule, the Turkish criminal lawyer must follow the stage of the Supreme Court.

The Concept Of Crime In Turkey

Since the concept of crime is directly related to the cultural, economic and political structure of society, the lawyer is like a sociologist who can see society in various aspects.Each crime is a herald of the direction in which society faces a problem.The biggest example of this is the increase in crimes such as theft, extortion and fraud during periods of increasing economic problems.There is a general illusion in society that the Turkish criminal lawyer is defending criminals. However, the lawyer is concerned only with the legal aspect of the defense based on the authority granted to him by the Criminal Procedure Code.

For a person whose freedom has been in danger of being restricted for many years, it is vital that he or she manage the process together with the Turkish criminal lawyer.Our law office, which has experience in criminal law, serves its clients within the scope of criminal law.