REAL ESTATE FRAUD,Lawyer in Alanya

Five methods that Real Estate fraudsters follow..

Hello, dear guest of our page, welcome. In this article we will brief you on real estate fraudsters.It is our best hope that you are not victimized in such incidents that we often hear about.

We are lawyers in Alanya and we would like to remind you that we provide legal services to foreigners in general.

Unfortunately, cheaters can show up almost every moment of our lives.They could show up at a mall,a bank or a grocery store at any time..And One of the areas where these cheaters are most interested is the real estate market, where high money turns…

There are hundreds of fraudulent schemes with real estate. I want to highlight five common ones and give some advice on how to protect yourself and not fall into the trap, what to look for when making a deal.

1. Deposit

Perhaps the most popular type of fraud in real estate is a scheme with a Deposit. The property is offered to buyers at an attractive price. At the first meeting, the seller shows a package of documents confirming that it is really his property.

After some time emerge numbers of different circumstances, that at the first meeting the seller concealed. Because of them, the buyer refuses to buy. In this case, it is important that the parties have a contract, so formally everything is legal and in apperance no any fraudulent behaviour. In this case, we recommend that you contact a lawyer as there is a clear fraud of the seller. As an international law office operating in Alanya and Antalya, we protect the rights of our clients in this case.


If you are an heir and you have not applied for your rights and the necessary places,then the crooks are in business. For example, an apartment for sale at a price 20% below market. The seller voices the reason so: “Housing is inherited, money is urgently needed”.A purchase and sale transaction is made, and after a short period of time another heir of the previous owner appears. The heir refers to the fact that he learned about the death of a relative “that’s just” – and immediately, as expected, went to the notary to apply for acceptance of the inheritance. And at the notary already he “absolutely casually” learned that this apartment has a new owner.

This is followed by a long legal battle. The buyer proves that he acted absolutely in good faith when buying a home and there are no grounds to assume the invalidity of the contract of sale. And the new heir claims that he did not know about the death of a relative and has the right to inherit the property — and also acts in good faith.

It is very helpful to work with a lawyer when buying a real estate to avoid these and similar events. We, as a lawyer in Alanya and Antalya, prepare a detailed report for our clients and do consulting on the related immovable property.

3. Very Distant Relatives

This group of cheaters can include persons who illegally obtained a court decision and allowing them to inherit property. Most often, this is done by proving kinship in a small-town district court. Yes it is vital to prepare a detailed report on the relevant real estate and to conduct legal proceedings together with knowledgeable persons before encountering these unintended consequences. You can read in more detail what our services are in the field of real estate law on this site. We provide legal services as a lawyer in Alanya and Antalya.

4. Unscrupulous Notary

As is known, real estate sales commitment is generally notarized. If the notary and the fraudster co-operate together, they can easily fool the real estate buyers.For this reason, it is important to repeat that it is important that you work with the real estate attorney for these transactions.

5. Forged Document

We have seen a huge number of different fake documents. Some “craftsmen” managed to provide court decisions with seals and signatures, wills, allegedly certified by notaries, certificates of inheritance and certificates of ownership.

Who can claim that i will not encounter these people who brutally victimize people in this and similar ways?

Many other methods,such as not transferring the title deed, hiding the existing mortgages in the title deed or tricking the buyers by adding a secret clause to the sales contract, unfortunately, are victimizing our foreign guests in our country.

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