The conditions of sea transport and associated risks, caused it to be a need for special regulations in this direction, the ships at sea to time the various legal relationships between individuals and between the individual and the state has revealed all these rules regulating private law relationships in the community, “maritime law” is called.As in the early periods today, there were no written rules governing the course of the seas, so the first rules for the regulation of the law of the sea were formed from the customary law.Later, the traditions and customs of seamanship, oral teachings were written. In the Middle Ages, the law of the Sea developed especially on the coasts of northwestern Europe around the Mediterranean Sea.During this period, the rules of maritime law arising from traditions and Customs began to be compiled in written form. This process started especially in the seventeenth century and continues to develop today.

Maritime trade is a phenomenon with economic, technical and legal elements, and maritime trade law is a branch of maritime law that regulates commercial relations conducted on the sea.Today, due to the fact that the parties in maritime trade law can be composed of different nations and that they have international quality in their disputes, states have started to act jointly.On top of that, certain contracts were made between states under the law of the sea.Some of these are mentioned below.

1-)Montreux Convention,
2-) Convention On Limitation Of Liability Against Sea Receivables,
3-) Charter For The Prevention Of Conflict At Sea,

4-)Convention On The Establishment Of The International Maritime Organization,

5-)Bilateral Or Multilateral Maritime Law Agreements In Which States Are Parties.

There are other contracts. As a law office operating in Antalya, we also serve in the field of maritime law.Maritime trade is mostly carried out via transport. Approximately 95% of these are external transport (import, export, Transit), and cabotage%. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of Transportation.

As Antalya law office, our areas of work within the scope of maritime law in general are as follows:

Rescue and assistance,
Decision to ban ships from travel,
Collection of fuel receivables,
Collection of seafarer receivables,
Execution of legal pledge rights decisions,
Establishment of the right to imprisonment,
Disputes arising from the preparation and interpretation of Charterparty texts,
Delay in collection of time-charter lease,
Ship registration and abandonment procedures,
Maritime law-specific mortgage transactions,
Representation of parties in the closing phase of ship registration procedures,
Arrangement of contracts for the construction of ships and yachts,
Preparation of other contracts in the field of maritime law (freight)
Marine insurance agreements.

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