Obtaining Residence Permits For Foreigners,Lawyer in Alanya

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In this article we will inform you about residence permits for foreign nationals residing in Turkey.First of all, we recommend that you consult a lawyer in Alanya for the positive outcome of the residence permit application.Otherwise, your application may result in a negative result.

In this article we have written a detailed article about obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

Obtaining Residence Permits For Foreigners

Foreigners who enter Turkey with a passport or a passport substitute can stay in our country for the duration of the visa or visa exemption applied to their country of origin.Foreigners who come with a visa or visa exemption can stay for up to 30, 60, 90 days at a time.After these periods have passed, the foreigner who wishes to remain in the country must obtain a residence permit in Alanya/Antalya/Turkey.At this stage, you can consult a lawyer in Alanya if there is any trouble.

Where Are Foreign Residence Permit Applications Made?

Foreign residence permit applications are made to consulates abroad. In other words, the applicant will apply to the consulate in the country where he or she is legally located or is a citizen.

However, there are also applications for residence permits that can be made within Turkey.:

  • Decisions or demands of judicial or administrative authorities,

This situation is almost entirely the work of a lawyer in Alanya.

  • Where it is not possible for the applicant to leave Turkey,
  • Long-term residence permit, student residence permit, residence permits for victims of human trafficking,

There are different procedures for each of these resident species.Our advice is to           consult a lawyer in Alanya.

  •        In case of application for transition from family residence permit to short term residence permit,
  • In applications for the children born in Turkey of parents who have a residence permit,
  • A person who has a valid residence permit but has been denied it for any reason can apply for a residence permit in Turkey.Our advice to the person facing this situation is to act together with a lawyer in Alanya.

In case of the above mentioned situations, applications are made in the relevant governorates in Turkey.As a law firm in Alanya, we work with the governor’s office in Antalya.We continue to serve as a lawyer in Alanya in all these cases.

How To Obtain A Foreign Residence Permit?

After determining where to apply, it is necessary to answer the question of how to obtain a foreign residence permit.When an application is made to consulates abroad, the consular will forward the application with the consular opinion to the Directorate General of the Immigration Administration.The General Directorate makes the examination and concludes the application by taking the opinion of the relevant institutions when necessary.It is very important that there is no missing document at this stage.Since it is a sensitive process, we recommend that you consult a lawyer in Alanya.If there is a positive outcome, it(Immigration administration) will inform the relevant consulate for the arrangement of the residence permit. Applications are concluded within 90 days at the latest.

In addition to the application authorities listed in the law, today, applicants are offered e-residence opportunities. It is possible to apply online by clicking on the e-residence tab on the General Directorate of Immigration Administration site.There is also an option to follow up the application on the page that opens for online application.Foreign residence permit procedures can also be carried out by the authorized intermediary institution.We, as a lawyer in Alanya, provide legal services to our clients in this regard.

For What Purposes Can A Foreign Residence Permit Be Obtained?

The reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey vary according to the purpose of staying in Turkey.The types of residence permits that foreigners can obtain in our country are as follows:

  1. Short term residence permit: Coming to our country for scientific purposes,Persons who have immovable property in Turkey,People who have commercial connections with Turkey or who will establish business in Turkey,participants in the in-service training program,people who will enter the country for tourism purposes,People who come to Turkey for treatment,persons who must remain in the country by decision or request of judicial-administrative authorities,these people can apply for a short-term residence permit.You should consult a lawyer in Alanya because these classes of people are required for individual documents.
  2. Long-term residence permit: Foreigners who have resided in our country without interruption for at least 8 years and foreigners who comply with the conditions determined by the Immigration Policy Board can take long-term residence permit.
  3. Family residence permit: family residence permit is obtained to stay in the country with the status of spouse or child.The family residence permit is also a subject that needs special attention in its own right.Another article will bring him to light.If you wish to obtain a family residence permit, you can consult a lawyer in Alanya.
  4. Student residence permit: it can be given to children who are not entitled to family residence permit, to  Bachelor’s degree, doctorate degree, students who are going to have primary and Secondary Education.
  5. A residence permit issued to persons who are victims of human trafficking: a residence permit issued for foreigners who are  suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

You can consult our law firm in Alanya or Attorney Enes Nergiz in Alanya to obtain all these types of residence.

What is the cost of residence permit document and the cost of tuition?

Residence permit prices in Turkey are a definition that covers visa and residence fees and card fees.We need to examine them separately.The 2019 residence permit residence fee is set at $ 80 for many countries.The card price is 89 TL.  Visa fee is TL 567.60.However, these fees may vary depending on the type of residence permit or the country in which the applicant resides.At this stage, you will be satisfied to consult a lawyer in Alanya.We, as a lawyer in Alanya, provide legal services to our clients in these matters.

If there are missing documents in the application, is the application process starting again?

The question of whether missing documents in residence permit applications requires a new application is being wondered by applicants.If there is a missing document in the application for residence permit, the administration will give the applicant up to 30 days to complete this deficiency.Therefore, there is no need to make a new application. However, within this 30-day period, the missing applicant must complete the missing documents. Otherwise, the application is removed from the process.It is vital that you consult a lawyer in Alanya to avoid exposure to such situations.

If it is determined that there is a missing document in this application, the applicant will be reached through the Provincial Directorate of immigration administration when the application for extension of the residence permit is made. For this transport, the applicant’s declared address or contact information in Turkey is used. If the applicant is not present at the address or the contact information is determined not to be correct, the applicant is responsible for this.If you give a power of attorney to a lawyer in Alanya, you will be relieved of this responsibility as the relevant administration will contact the lawyer.

Who Can Be Exempt From Residence Permit?

The following are exempt from residence permits:

  • Those who arrive in the country on a visa or visa-exempt basis for up to 90 days,
  • Stateless person identity document, international protection applicants or holders of international protection status identity document,
  • Diplomatic and consular officers in Turkey and their families reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Employees in the representative offices of international organizations in Turkey
  • Persons whose status is determined by agreements,
  • Those exempted from residence permits by agreements to which Turkey is a party,
  • Those who lost their Turkish citizenship by getting permission to leave.

What is the deportation order and who does it apply to?

The deportation order refers to the deportation of foreigners to their country of origin or country of transit or to a third country.We strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer in Alanya in case the deport decision is made against the law.

As a rule, deport decisions are made about the persons mentioned below:

  1. The leaders, members, supporters of the terrorist organization, and persons considered to be associated with terrorist organizations identified by international institutions and organizations,
  2. Those who provide false information or use forged documents in the procedures of entry, visa and residence permits to Turkey
  3. Those who made their living in illegitimate ways during their time in Turkey
  4. Those who pose a threat to public order, safety and health
  5. Those who violate the visa or visa exemption period for more than ten days or whose visa or residence permit has been revoked
  6. Those who violate the residence permit period for more than ten days without acceptable justification
  7. Those who refuse to apply for extension of residence permit and do not leave Turkey within ten days
  8. Employees despite no work permits,
  9. Those who violate the provisions of legal entry and exit to Turkey,
  10. Arrivals to Turkey despite ban on entry,

In all these cases, the deport decision will be made by the Immigration Administration.A lawsuit can be filed against the decision,as can any administrative decision.In this case, we recommend that you consult a lawyer in Alanya.

We, as a lawyer in Alanya, do all the procedures about residence permits on behalf of our clients.