Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Our Alanya law firm provides lawyers and consultancy services for the collection of local and foreign companies and real persons ‘ receivables in Turkey. Our basic principle is that the client gets what he gets at the fastest, most effective and least cost.

Alanya law firm and Alanya lawyer,implementation of all kinds of execution and bankruptcy proceedings, execution proceedings are carried out on behalf of our clients.In addition, our Alanya law firm and our Attorneys Alanya,provides consultancy and legal services to companies, institutions and individuals regarding collection of receivables, lien, precautionary lien, pledge, mortgage transactions, participation in meetings in favor of debtor and creditor, bankruptcy request or postponement of bankruptcy proceedings.

Enforcement and bankruptcy law is generally charged against borrowers who do not fulfill their debts on time and with their consent, in order to ensure that creditors are able to recover their debts by state force.

In accordance with the execution bankruptcy law, creditors may apply for general foreclosure(haciz) for receivables arising from private law Relations (in Turkish Lira or foreign currency).

It is not mandatory for creditors to have documents in their hands in order to apply for general foreclosure(HACİZ).If the creditor has an ordinary document, a claim approved by a notary public or a document issued by the public authorities, he may apply for general foreclosure.Our law firm in Alanya with its Attorneys Alanya implement these transactions professionally.

The period of payment in the way of general foreclosure is determined as 7 days from the notification of the payment order to the debtor and the debtor may object to execution follow-up for three reasons within 7 days from the notification of the payment order to him.These reasons are counted in the law as objection to authority, objection to signature and objection to debt; the debtor may go to the execution Directorate regarding one or more of these reasons and object to execution follow-up within 7 days.

Creditors may apply for foreclosure for the collection of their receivables due to the exchange notes (bills,policies,cheques). The period of payment in the way of foreclosure for foreign exchange bonds is 10 days, unlike the general foreclosure path, and the period of declaration of goods is 10 days, unlike the one in the way of general foreclosure. Again, unlike the general foreclosure method, the debtor may make the objection to the debt and signature to the execution Court within 5 days, not to the execution office.

The information we give above is the most basic considerations.Enforcement and bankruptcy law requires detailed, follow-up, and, if necessary, complaint of the operations of the chief executive.

We, as a law firm in Alanya, do the following procedures with our lawyers in Alanya:

1-)The case for the termination of the objection and the cancellation of the objection

2-)Evacuation Of Rental Property

3-)charging order(ihtiyati haciz) special term in legal terminology

4-) lawsuit for the establishment of a negative fact (legal term)

5-)action for the recovery of the title(istihkak davası)

6-) Bankruptcy case and Concordato

As a law firm in Alanya, we provide legal services to our clients with our high-level English-speaking Alanya lawyer.