Health Lawyer  Antalya

Health Lawyer Antalya

First of all,we should state that,lack of knowledge about individual rights regulated in health law causes many loss rights.Therefore, it will be very helpful for you to apply to Antalya/Turkey health law attorney to ensure that these rights are not violated.

Doctor’s Responsibility in Health Law

The responsibility of the physician due to faulty surgery and treatments constitutes an important issue in health law.In order to go to the responsibility of the physician in terms of health law, the physician must have a defect.if the doctor does not have any defects, the doctor’s responsibility cannot be mentioned.That’s exactly where the health care lawyer can assess more accurately if it’s the doctor’s fault.
The physician has some debts and obligations towards his / her patient.
We can classify them as follows.
1-)Loyalty Debt
It can be defined as the doctor keeping the interests of the patient above own interests, giving confidence to the patient, acting honestly towards him or her, not cheating.
Loyalty debt is assessed separately according to the state of each event.In this case, the Antalya/Turkey health law lawyer will be able to make a more accurate assessment.
2-)Secret Keeping Debt
The physician shall protect the interests of the patient in any matter that may be interpreted as the best interests of the patient, and shall not share personal information and documents without the consent of the patient.
3-)Care Debt
Care debt is the expected behavior of the physician at an average level.The physician should know the patient’s body well, identify the problem in a good way, and offer the most appropriate solution to the patient. 
Right to compensation in case of malpractice
The doctor’s or medical center’s, the Polyclinic’s hospital’s, etc. the right to compensation may be mentioned in cases where the patient has been harmed by misdiagnosis, malpractice or incomplete care due to ignorance, inexperience or indifference of the health care institutions.At this stage, Antalaya /Turkey health law lawyer can guide you.
The case for compensation for medical malpractice occurs from any practice that is contrary to medical standards at the diagnosis stage , treatment stage and finally at the patient’s care stage.
Conditions Of Compensation Case Due To Medical Malpractice(Doktor’s wrong treatment)
Medical intervention is subject to the consent of the patient as it involves risk. For example,if a surgery is in favor of the patient and the patient does not agree to the surgery, the doctor cannot decide to perform the surgery on his or her own.Even if the patient has permission, the doctor must comply with medical standards for any medical intervention may perform for the patient.

Malpractice situations occur in the following three cases.

1-)Diagnostic stage,
2-)Treatment stage (lack of indication, selection of wrong treatment method)
3-)Organizational obligation (the organization of the clinic, whether the staff is adequate and qualified for the care of the patient,).
Diagnostic stage
Medical malpractice is considered as a condition in which the doctor fails the examination of the patient, the patient’s history of illness or background information (Anamnesis) is not taken at all or properly. An example of malpractice is when the doctor gives a dangerous vaccine to a patient with allergy disease and the doctor does not take the patient’s allergy disease into account.
Treatment stage
During the treatment phase, according to the decisions of the Supreme Court,if no medical procedure take place for the disease, forgetting foreign matter in the patient’s body during the surgery, choosing the wrong treatment method,giving the wrong medication,giving the wrong place or the wrong needle, mixing the patient or the limb to be intervened are examples of malpractice.
It is possible to replicate examples.In this case, you can find out which type of medical intervention is wrong by consulting the Health Law Lawyer of Antalya/Turkey.

Organizational obligation

It should be organized by the health institution to have the necessary qualified personnel and also be organized by the health institution necessary environment to cooperate with the physicians when necessary for the treatment of the disease.In other words ,for the treatment of a patient, the health care provider should work with the relevant personnel in an organized manner.
There is no doubt that the patient, who has been harmed by mistakes in diagnosis, treatment or organisation stages, has the right to sue for damages for malpractice against those responsible. 
In the case of compensation for malpractice, medical knowledge is needed as well as legal knowledge.We provide professional services to our clients as a health law lawyer located in Antalya/Turkey.