Foreigners Law

Foreigners Law

Many laws have been enacted specifically for legal proceedings involving a person who is not a citizen of Turkey.There are extensive regulations ranging from family law to law of obligations,from company law to criminal law. We,as a law office located in Alnaya, deal with these matters in private

From residence permit,citizenship acquisition,real estate purchase of foreigners to work permit purchase, all the issues that interest foreigners are in our field of work.Our law firm located in Alanya provides legal services with our high-level English speaking lawyer.

The following are the sources of Turkish foreigners law.

1-) Law On Work Of Foreigners

2-)Law On Foreign Investments

3-)Tourism Incentive Law

4-)Passport Law

5-)Law On Real Estate Acquisition Of Foreigners In The Republic Of Turkey

As a law firm in Alanya with our Alanya lawyers, we provide legal services to our clients within the scope of these laws and other laws.