Family Law

Family Law

It regulates issues such as family law, material and non-pecuniary damages in divorce, division of property in divorce, custody of children, measures and child support.

Divorce is one of the most important parts of family law. This situation is the most important branch of law where the family lawyer is needed.

Divorce can be opened for the following reasons:

-Severe incompatibility (shaking from the base of one of the main lines) divorce case opened for distant general reasons (CK. m.166),

-Adultery (deception) ready for divorce (CK m.161),

-Caste for life, divorce for reasons of very bad or degrading behavior (CK m.162),

–Divorce for the reasons of committing a crime and dignity (CK m.163),

-Divorce due to abandonment (CK m.164),

-Divorce due to mental illness (CK Art. 165).

We are serving our clients in a professional manner in these cases that really require serious follow-up.