Criminal law

Criminal law

Criminal law is an important branch of law that is closely related to our freedom.It is also a serious branch of law as it concerns our indispensable rights.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of unlawful intervention against this right.The best method of eliminating this possibility is to convince the judge or prosecutor within the law.

To give an example, the person who steals someone’s phone is considered to have committed the crime of theft.But if the thief has creditor  from owner of telephone,the proceeding of case will change ultimately.This fact, which we have explained with the simplest example, emerges as a phenomenon spreading all over criminal law.

Every crime has its elements.These elements are defined in the law and clarified in the Supreme Court decisions.There are also new laws that come into force. The amnesty law, which has recently been on the agenda, is a good example of this.

We, as the law firm, consider the indispensable rights of individuals as our own right and offer a professional service.

And we believe that justice is our sacred.