Consumer Law

Consumer Law

With the development of industry and trade and especially the development of mass production and mass sales procedures, consumer rights and therefore consumer law have developed along with it.The European Union has issued a declaration on consumer rights and has sought to establish minimum consumer rights.

Consumers ‘ rights, which play an important role in the protection of national economies and the formation of a healthy business life, offer the opportunity to reach the rights of consumers in an effortless and cost-free way through easy application. Our international law firm in Alanya, provides legal advice to clients on these issues together with Alanya lawyer.

Positive discrimination was achieved by protecting consumers against rich and powerful vendors/providers. Today, consumers, who are getting conscious every day thanks to successful consumer organizations, want to seek their rights and companies try to meet consumer demands by renewing themselves every day. 

Our international law office in Alanya, together with Alanya lawyer, offers all kinds of legal services to its clients in this branch of law which has been continuously renewed and developed in order to protect consumers ‘ economic lives more, to bring quality to goods and services and order to trade. These services are conducted separately as litigation attorney service and advisory service. 

Our international law firm located in Alanya with Alanya lawyer, in general, provides the following services to its clients:

1. Lawsuits arising from subscription agreements

2. Lawsuits arising from malpractice

3. Cases arising from improper services

4. Lawsuits arising from circuit holidays

5. Lawsuits arising from guaranteed goods

6. Lawsuits arising from unfair terms

7. Door sales-lawsuits arising from distance sales

8. Lawsuits arising from credit card contracts and use

9. Lawsuits arising from housing finance contracts

10. Lawsuits arising from package tours

11 Lawsuits arising from Tally and campaign sales

12. Lawsuits arising from Toki contracts

13. Applications to Arbitration Committee on consumer problems

14. Lawsuits arising from consumer loans

In summary, our Alanya international law firm and Alanya lawyer provide legal services to their clients in all matters concerning the consumer.If you need advice, you can be sure that Alanya lawyer will be your solution partner..