Compensation Law

Compensation Law

Compensation law refers to compensation disputes arising from unjust acts or any other reason.In general, there are two types of compensation cases: “pecuniary compensation case” and “moral compensation case”.Material and non-pecuniary damages; It is a kind of case that solves disputes arising from completely different legal reasons such as breach of contract arising from the law of obligations, injury or death as a result of traffic accident, death as a result of malpractice, injury or death as a result of work accident, committing a crime, divorce.

Compensation law cases can be listed as follows:

1-Compensation due to occupational disease

Employees do the same job for a long time.After a certain time, they may become ill because of their work.The worker who is caught in the occupational disease has the right to demand financial and moral compensation.Compensation may be obtained if it is available under the conditions specified in the law.

2-)Doctor Malpractice Compensation

It can be defined as the harm of the patient as a result of misdiagnosis, wrong treatment or incomplete care due to the lack of knowledge, inexperience or indifference of health institutions.

In this case, there is also the right to pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

3-)Work Accident Compensation Case

Work accident compensation case; It is a kind of material and non-pecuniary damages lawsuit filed by a responsible employer to pay compensation to him or his relatives in case an employer is injured or killed in the workplace due to the work relationship of the worker.

In other words, if you work in a workplace and are damaged by the employer’s negligence, you are entitled to pecuniary  and non-pecuniary compensation.

4-)A Compensation Case Due To A Traffic Accident

There must be at least one motor vehicle in the compensation case for a traffic accident.The motor vehicle is entitled to compensation if it has caused injury, bodily harm or death, or if it has damaged someone else’s house, car or land etc.

The person who is damaged due to traffic accident has a 2-year statute of limitations,starting from the date he learned the damage and the perpetrator. Even if the offender learns the perpetrator and the damage later, in any case, there is a 10-year statute of limitations from the initiate of the act.(We do not go into details because we provide summary information here.)

We have only specified specific compensation cases here. Other types of compensation are also available.

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