Banking and Financing Law

Banking and Financing Law

It serves its clients in the field of banking and financial law, such as banks, financial institutions, leasing companies and individuals receiving loans. The Department of banking and financial law provides a service that integrates and surrounds its clients in the context of documentation, restructuring and tools of financial packages, both national and international.

As a law office in Alanya,our services together with Alanya lawyer are as follows in general.

1-)Consultancy service on the functioning, structure and organization of banking law and financial institutions


3-)Loan Agreements

4-)Company Funding

5-)Property and Project Finance

6-)Structural Finance

7-)International Trade Finance

8-)Islamic Finance Law

9-)Corporate Finance

10)Capital Markets

11)Asset Financing

As a law firm in Alanya in the field of banking and finance,we provide services to our clients together with Alanya lawyer who speaks high-level English.