What Is A Criminal Lawyer?

Alanya criminal lawyer performs very important services. In summary, lawyers who handle criminal cases are called criminal lawyers. Criminal investigation or prosecution is an activity that begins after the crime has been committed. Alanya criminal lawyer often provides legal assistance to people who are part of this process after the crime has been committed.

If you are suspected of committing a crime, whether or not you have been detained, you can start making a defence through an Alanya criminal lawyer. If you are a victim of crime, you can also contact a criminal lawyer to effectively defend your right to complain.

1.What Is The Criminal Case? How Does It Open?

A criminal case is a case for prosecution against persons who has sufficient suspicion of having committed a crime. The criminal case can only be opened by the public prosecutor’s office. When the complainant exercises his right to complain about any crime committed or a crime committed that should be investigated spontaneously, the public prosecutor investigates whether there is a need to make a public case by conducting an investigation. Alanya criminal lawyer helps the prosecutor in favor of his client at this stage.

If there is sufficient suspicion and evidence that the crime involved in the investigation has been committed, the public prosecutor will file an indictment and open the criminal case.

2.Frequently Asked Questions About Alanya Criminal Lawyer

When I’m charged with a crime, can I ask for an Alanya criminal lawyer?

An investigation is an activity that begins after a crime has been committed. When the police, the gendarmerie and the prosecutor’s office charge that you have committed a crime, your right to defend also begins. When the charge is brought against you, you also have the right to the legal assistance of a criminal lawyer. The vital function of Alanya criminal lawyer begins here. In case of any action to restrict your personal freedom (arrest, detention,arrest, etc.) without being charged, you have the right to defend yourself and you can ask Alanya criminal lawyer for legal assistance.

If you request it, the police or the gendarmerie cannot take your statement without the involvement of your lawyer.

Can the Alanya criminal lawyer take the criminal file that contains the allegations against me?

The Alanya criminal lawyer’s authority to review files is a professional right arising from both the Criminal Procedure Act and the law of Attorney. Therefore, any transaction documents about you (Statements, minutes, images or camera records, reports, etc.)) has the right to review and take.

Does a criminal lawyer need a power of attorney to review the file and make a defense?

The Alanya criminal lawyer does not need a power of attorney to review the file and make the suspect’s defend. Power of attorney is only required to obtain a copy of the documents contained in the file. The Alanya Criminal lawyer may take any action necessary to exercise your right of defence at the stage of the investigation without power of attorney.

The criminal lawyer will first tell you about all your rights (the right to remain silent, the right to collect evidence in your favour, the right to appeal to transactions such as capture and detention ) when such actions are taken against you, and then make a defence so that you can exercise these rights effectively.

Can I see a criminal lawyer while I’m in custody? At what stage can an Alanya criminal lawyer participate in my defense?

If the person suspected of a crime has been caught or detained, he or she has the right to interview the Alanya criminal lawyer in a separate lawyer’s interview room where no one can hear the conversations.

The Alanya criminal lawyer has to keep any information the suspect gives him as a professional secret. Even if lawyers leave the profession of attorney, the retention of the professional secret is indefinitely and continues for life.

During a meeting between the suspect and his lawyer, the framework of the defense is discussed and how best the suspect can be defended is decided.

Our law office in Alanya protects the right of its clients in criminal files together with Alanya criminal lawyer.